About SokoText

SokoText is a smart solution with a big idea: To make food affordable for everyone. We use the power of text messaging to aggregate demand for food and unlock wholesale prices for small entrepreneurs in urban slums.

SokoText represents a fantastic low-tech approach that could really scale for decreasing the inefficiencies in urban slum markets

Erik Hersman - @WhiteAfrican

What We Do

SokoText uses the power of mobile phones to aggregate demand in the slums and unlock wholesale prices for micro-entrepreneurs.

How It Works

Small-scale vegetable sellers and kiosk owners are the gatekeepers and key players of food accessibility in urban slums. Yet a lack of capital means that they cannot afford to buy in bulk and pay to travel long distances to markets every day to buy just enough stock that will help them get by. SokoText leverages the widespread and increasing use of mobile phones in slums to solve these problems. We help micro-entrepreneurs become game-changers. With SokoText, they can boost their business while becoming the key agents that empower people living in the slums to eat better and healthier.

Joining SokoText has really changed my business: my customers are happy because they now get more for their money.

Veronica, Mathare


We have been running a successful pilot in Mathare Valley, Nairobi since the summer 2013.

Bringing Fresh, Affordable Produce to Mathare

Our Manager Isaac

Our first pilot had 27 alpha users

In November 2013 we started Phase 2

Families save 20% on food

which equates to one exta meal a day

Our local team is ready to go!

We're partnering with Community Transformers

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Mabatini, Mathare Valley Slum, Nairobi